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Services and Rates

Therapeutic Massage Specials:

Hot Stone Massage Special: Now is the time to enjoy the ultimate luxury of a Hot Stone Massage with pure essential oils for an added experience of relaxation!        60 minutes for $55 or 90 minutes for $70

New Client Introductory Offer:  Experience your first 60 minute appointment at the special rate of $50!  Choose from:  Relaxation, Deep Tissue or Integrative Massage.  This includes Young Living Oils Aromatherapy! 

Integrative Massage Special:  Do you need Deep Tissue work to smooth out painful muscles, yet still want the wonderful feeling of being relaxed and at ease?  Then this wonderful combination of Deep Tissue and Relaxation Massage is for you!        60 minutes for $50 or 90 minutes for $70          


Menu of Therapeutic Massage Services:

Relaxation Massage:Enjoy the gentle flowing strokes of a classic Swedish style massage. Drift away as you enjoy the quiet comfort of soft music, and aromatherapy included for a truly relaxing massage experience.  

30/60/90 min ~ $30/60/75

Hot Stone Massage:  Be transported to a place of warmth and deep relaxation as you are massaged with oiled, heated basalt stones, this actually massages the body with heat and relaxes the muscles twice as fast as using hands alone.  Also basalt stones are calming and grounding, helping the receiver drop into a deeper experience of the massage when placed along key relaxation points.  

60/90 min ~ $70/85

 Deep Tissue:  This is a special category of massage therapy, designed to relieve severe tension in muscles and connective tissues. It is Swedish based with elements of Sports massage, Myofascial Release and Trigger Point Therapy.  

30/60/90 min ~ $30/60/80

 Vacuum Cupping Therapy:  Clients will often experience a deeper state of relaxation and a heightened sense of energetic wellness with this complementary  modality added  to the session.  In this form of cupping, a vacuum is created to produce a negative pressure, moving excess fluids and toxins and bringing blood flow to congested muscles and tissues, resulting in increased flow of energy (Chi) through out the body.  


Prenatal Massage:  This type of  massage is a specific style for the  expectant mother who is at least 14 weeks into her pregnancy.  While enjoying soft music and a beautiful relaxing atmosphere, a side lying position is accommodated by special pregnancy pillows allowing for an experience of comfort and stress reduction.  I will gently relieve aching muscles and joints with this soothing Swedish style of massage.  

30/60 min ~ $30/60 

Integrative Massage:  This is a combination of Relaxation and Deep Tissue treatments designed to relax the mind and body yet giving focused attention to specific areas of tight over worked muscles.

60/90 min ~ $60/80

Paraffin Hand Treatment:  A unique characteristic of paraffin is its ability to retain moisture and heat!  This is an ideal way to ease arthritic joint pain and heal dry chapped hands.  Add this luxurious experience to your session for only $10.00!

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